Warranty and Maintenance

All the products provided and installed by Vietchao Jointstock Company for your projects are entitled to at-least-12-month warranty. 

During the period of warranty, Vietchao’s technicians monthly check and maintain the products thoroughly to keep the products in good condition.

After the free warranty expires, the Company will provide periodical maintenance service in accordance with Vietnam’s regulations and safety standards. The Company is also committed to providing genuine spare parts in the promptest manner during the period of warranty and maintenance.

The Company’s team of 10 technicians are available 24/24h, ready to fix any problem arising in the shortest time. 

Headquarter address: No.288 – Truong Chinh street – Dong Da district – Hanoi city 

Tel: 04.3563 8650 

Fax: 04.35638649 

Representative office in Ho Chi Minh city: 

Address: No. 267/3 – Trinh Dinh Trong street – Hoa Thanh ward – Tan Phu district – Ho Chi Minh city 

Hotline: 08.39760758 - 0908 243 369 

Fax: 08.39760757 

Maintenance frequency: 

Form SA – 6 times/ year 

Form SB - 4 times/ year 

Form SC - 2 times/ year 

Form SD - once/ year