About the company


Company’s name: VietchaoJointstock Company
Head quarter: No.288 – Truong Chinh street – Dong Da district – Hanoi city
Tel: 04.35638650, Fax: 04.35638649
Representative office: No.267/3 - Trinh DinhTrong street–Tan Phu district–Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: 08.39760758, Fax: 08.39760757

Vietchao Joint-stock Company was established according to Decision No. 0103003660 dated February 12th, 2004 of Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment. 


Our major activities include consultancy, supply, installation, repair, and maintenance for world famous manufacturers of the following systems: 
- elevators and escalators such as Shanghai Mitsubishi, Fuji HD, Aritco (Sweden)
- auto-parking systems such as XIZI-IUK (Japan), DongYang (South Korea)
- air-conditioners such as Mitsubishi (Japan), Daikin(Japan), LG (South Korea)
- BMUs such as GEDA (Germany), Skypro (the U.S.)
- electric generators such as Cummins (America), Mitsubishi (Japan), FG Wilson (UK)


Vietchao has a strong team of engineers and technicians who have been professionally trained domestically and abroad at the factory site directly by the manufacturers. Over time, this technical team has gained a great deal of practical experience. Being committed to their job, they have made fabulous contribution to the development of the Company.


Vietchao has sold a big number of various products in Vietnam which have reliable performance, high quality, been customized to suit the tropical weather of Vietnam. 
Below are some examples of our main projects: 

1. Elevators 

- Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam Headquarter building 
- Office-hotel-Apartment-for-lease Complex, No.521 Kim Ma street, Hanoi city
- Petrolimex Finance Centre– No.22 Ngo Quyen street, HoanKiem district, Hanoi
- Gia Lam General Hospital
- Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam branches’ buildings
- Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam branches’ buildings
- Hai phong International Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology
- National Assembly Office building
- Voice of Vietnam Apartment building
- Apartment building, 557 Au Co street
- PhuDat apartment building
- Complex, No.1 NguyNhuKon Tum
- Vietnam Maritime University
- Dung Quat Refinery Archive and Office Building
- Apartment Building for low incomers, block No.5, New Uran Zone Dang Xa 2 – Gia Lam – Hanoi (24 units)
- Apartment Building for low incomers, block N01, N02, N03, N04, N05, N06, New Urban Zone Dang Xa 2 – Gia Lam – Hanoi (31 units)
- HoaBinh Green City Building

2. Escalators

- Kim Dong Cinema building.
- Ho Guom Garment Jointstock Company building
- HoaBinh Trade Centre building
- Apartment building, No.557 Au Co street
- HoaBinh Green City Building

3. Air conditioners and ventilation systems

- Complex, No.1 NguyNhuKon Tum
- Headquarter building of Association of Population and Family Planning
- CT3 and CT7 buildings of Nam Cuong Group
- Bai Duong Uplaza Apartment building
- Vietnam PetrolimexJoinstock Financial Company’s Headquarter building
- Dung Quat Refinery Archive and Office Building

4. Auto car parking systems

- Parking space, No.32 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hanoi
- Parking space, No.315 Truong Chinh, Hanoi
- BIDV building, No.194 Tran QuangKhai
- Tuan Duc building, Hanoi

5. Building maintenance units

- EVN Telecommunication Tower

Especially, these products have been supplied with reasonable price, and have been paid in various flexible payment methods, meeting the costumers’ requirements. The Company always keeps up with the progress rate, with absolute safety in the installation process, which has been highly appreciated by its customers. 
With the guideline of keeping first with the prestige, and considering the customers’ satisfaction as its striving target, VietChao Joint Stock Company is honored to serve distinguished customers.