1. Law and internal regulation compliance

- Law and internal regulation compliance is the first and foremost responsibility of every Vietchao member.
- Being loyal and committed to the development of the Company
- Being proud of the achievements of the Company, willing to protect and develop the image and brand name of the Company everywhere and every time
- Thinking and acting for the sake of the Company

2. Honesty, dignity and eager to learn

- Being honest, maintaining personal and company's trust.
- Respecting justice
- Being creative and eager to acquire new knowledge to improve job performance.

3. Participation in community activities
- Being aware of buliding a strong team
- Actively getting involved in community and charity activities to help the disadvantaged groups in the society. 


1. Responsibility to clients and partners

- Opportunity sharing, long-term cooperation: A golden business principle followed by Vietchao is sharing opportunities and maintaining long-term cooperation. Therefore, Vietchao always pays special attention to its clients benefits apart from its own in trading activities. 
- Regarding human resource the key factor and trust the first priority: in building relationship with its clients, Vietchao is fully aware that clients’ trust plays a decisive role and when there is no trust, there will be no relationship.
- Professionalism, politeness and dedication: With the desire to leave a positive and long-lasting impression on its clients and partners, Vietchao staffs are very professional and dedicated in their jobs.

2. Responsibility to colleagues

- Willingness and readiness for mutual support: every Vietchao member understands that each task in the Company cannot be satisfactorily completed without the contribution of all of its divisions and individuals. Therefore, to improve job performance, cooperation and mutual support are essential. 

3. Responsibility of Leadership: Always setting a good example.

4. Responsibility to the community

- Environment protection: heading for a green company, Vietchao is committed to abiding by all environment protection laws and regulations. Vietchao staff is aware of the necessity of saving electricity, water, paper and other stationery and saving has always been a common practice inside Vietchao. Outside Vietchao, the staff has also been keeping the environment green, clean and beautiful. 
- Social work engagement: Vietchao is fully aware of its responsibility to the community and society. Therefore, it has made meaningful contribution to the improvement of the living standard of the local people and participated actively in charity campaigns to help the disadvantaged people in the disaster-hit areas and those sacrificing for the society. 


- Respecting clients and partners.
- Being frank, polite, helpful and friendly to clients and partners
- Obeying laws and regulations

1. Greeting

- Standing with straight back while nodding to greet clients/partners or greet them verbally
- Looking and smiling at the clients/partners to show friendliness and respect
- Using right hands when shaking hands. Don’t hold the client/partner’s hand too tightly or loosely. A proper hand shake shows hospitability and warm welcome. 
- The right to offer to shake hands belongs to: the leadership (to the lower-level), the older (to the younger), the host (to the guest).
- Shaking each person’s hand in this order of priority: the earlier comer, the elder, the higher ranking person. 

2. Introduction

- When meeting a client/partner for the first time, Vietchao people must introduce themselves in a brief way. If accompanied by a colleague, he/she has to introduce his/her colleague before introducing himself/herself. When introducing companions, the order of title must be followed and their names and titles must be introduced.
- In first meetings with clients/partners, business cards should be given to them for comprehensive introduction. If there are too many people to give business cards, business cards can be given out to the leader accompanied with verbal introduction to the whole group.
- Business cards should be given out as soon as meeting clients/partners and right after greetings and brief self-introduction. No old or torn out business cards are allowed to be used.
- When giving out or receiving business cards, stand straight and stay in an appropriate distance from the client/partner, not too close or too far.
- When receiving business cards, say “thank you” and give out your own business cards. Business cards must be given out and received by both hands and read immediately in a careful and respectful manner, showing interest and happiness when having the opportunity to get acquainted with the giver. 
- If working at a table, business cards after being received must be placed on a formal place in the order of the opposite clients/partners. In case of no table, when the main information on the business cards can be remembered, business cards can be put in breast pockets or clipped onto the notebooks placed in front of you.

3. Telephoning manner

- Use brief, comprehensible, succinct and emotional sentences. Avoid to use vague or ambiguous wording.
- Use proper pitch. Don’t talk while chewing or eating something.
- Listen to the partner. Wait for the partner to finish before speaking. Don’t interrupt. Don’t just keep talking and give the partner no chance to talk.
- Don’t answer the phone call immediately after the first ring; do it after the second or the third to show politeness. Don’t delay the answer until the fifth ring. 
- When making phone calls, the first thing to say is greeting and introducing.
- When receiving phone calls, the first thing to say is introducing your name, your department’s name or Vietchao speaking.
- Use clear and polite voice.
- Don’t use the phone too long (over 10 minutes/call) except for the requirement of the job.
- When ending the conversation with a higher-ranking person, wait for him/her to put the phone down first. 

4. Communication with clients/partners

- Greet the clients/partners when they are at the Company even when they are not coming to work with you.
- Offer help when seeing clients/partners looking for direction or in need of help for something else.
- Always show respect, politeness and sincerity to clients/partners.
- Listen to the clients/partners patiently and communicate to them that you are listening to them and willing to take their recommendations.
- Follow the commitments to clients/partners strictly.
- Keep company-related information confidential and maintain leadership and colleagues’ image when communicating with clients/partners.
- Avoid negative attitudes or behaviors towards clients/partners such as causing trouble and bureaucracy.