LEHY-MRL-II officially launched in replacement of LEHY-MRL

Viet Joint Stock Company would like to inform about the upgrade of the Machine Roomless elevator line from LEHY-MRL to LEHY-MRL II:

* Official implementation time: From October 2020


Space Compact control cabinet thanks to SMT technology, smaller  installation space, increased usage area and flexibility in construction design Thinner control cabinet and neat vertical disc traction motor + Ultra-thin PM door operator system → further space saving
Technology – New generation of high power module, multi fast protection circuit, increasing system reliability;- Energy feedback technology → saves energy up to 30%- Smart power supply system is completely digitalized;- 32bit CPU, high speed, large scale intelligent FPGA, high signal processing performance.- Control technology of transformers, inverters VVVF – Shanghai Mitsubishi’s newest disc-type permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor, with external brake structure, more compact, simpler structure → easier to operate / maintain;- Latest closed-loop control technology used, automatic brake torque detection, ensures brake speed and brake torque control at all braking stages with higher precision, brake noise reduction / damping is enhanced, providing higher safety and more comfort for users;
Cabin decoration – Diverse cabin designs, high aesthetics, which are creative masterpieces that make customers unable to take their eyes off them;-Easily recognizable micro light buttons- The button is extremely durable, can withstand 1kg of force falling onto its surface – Continue to promote the existing beauty
Speed/Stops/Travel –          Up to 1.75m/ 28stops /80m –          Up to 2.5 m/s / 32 stops/ 120m
Price – Extremely competitive in the segment of imported complete elevators from the world prestigious companies – Better prices thanks to efforts to optimize resources, reduce production and management costs

Thus, it can be seen that in addition to promoting the advantages of technology, space and price of the old version, the LEHY-MRL-II version has a number of additional advantages, making this elevator line continue to be a favorite choice of many customers.