Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Company (SMEC) is China's largest elevator manufacturing and supply joint venture company (for 23 consecutive years it is the largest company in China's elevator industry). Established in 1987, SMEC is honored to be the largest factory of the well-established Mitsubishi Electric Corporation - Japan (SMEC accounting for 52% and Japanese Mitsubishi Electric Corporation accounting for 32%).

In addition to strictly complying with the Corporation's quality standards, SMEC boasts an independent Product Research and Development Center with more than 100,000 products sold each year. Thanks to that, the factory's products are not only of high quality but also diversified and unique, the most outstanding of which is the high speed elevator line with speed of 18m / s, loading capacity of 7000kg.  Available components and spare parts with the shortest supply time are SMEC's ​​strong points.

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Viet Chao Joint Stock Company is proud to be an official agent of SMEC since 2009 and is the biggest and only agent with an authorization agreement by SMEC to distribute, install, operate and guarantee SMEC products in Vietnam.