An overview: automatic vs semi-automatic parking systems

Vietchao Joint Stock Company is a provider of solutions for the design, construction and installation of the first automatic parking systems lot in the North of Vietnam. The solutions provided by the company help customers increase parking area, improve the efficiency of space and space use, save costs and protect the environment.

We all know that traditional parking lots have some limitations. First, car parts can be stolen. Second, inexperienced drivers can take a long time to drive the vehicle into the slot, especially in a small, crowded area, which can even cause local traffic congestion. Conversely, it can also take a driver a long time to find a space in a large parking lot and then drive the car out.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to limit emissions and noise from cars operating in the lot. Finally, an issue that is concerned by the majority of construction investors is that traditional parking lots occupy a lot of space (25m2 / space on average, including entrance). Automatic parking can handle all of the above restrictions.

Automatic parking systems can be divided into two main categories: semi-automatic systems and automatic systems.


Comparison between automatic parking systems and semi-automatic parking systems


Automatic parking systems

Semi-automatic parking systems

Advantages Reasonable price

Fast production and construction times, especially for large systems

Simple operation, low component replacement and maintenance costs

Durable over time

Flexible customization for multiple premises

Suitable for large spaces

Coefficient of space utilization is high, as there is no driveway

Save construction space

Minimize noise and air pollution, reduce fuel costs because drivers do not have to go into the system

Suitable for narrow and deep spaces

Disadvantages Need an area for drive in

The driver still has to enter the system to drive the car in / out


High cost

Complex structure


Up to now, after many efforts, Vietchao Joint Stock Company has been honored to cooperate with reputable and branded automatic parking system manufacturers in the world such as: XIZI (Japan), AJ (Korea), Dong Yang Park (Korea), Matiz (China) in a series of large and small projects from North to South. These are the manufacturers with the No. 1 or 2 market share in the manufacturing country and have exported to over 20 countries around the world.


Typical automatic parking system project


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